Conquering Keto is a single
174 page, all inclusive guide to a
sustainable ketogenic lifestyle.


Conquering Keto is a single
174 page, all inclusive guide to a
sustainable ketogenic lifestyle.


Conquering Keto is a single
174 page, all inclusive guide to a
sustainable ketogenic lifestyle.

Conquering Keto, My

II developed the Conquering Keto system while going on my own weight
loss journey. I’m a husband, father of 5, and full time corporate IT

In December of 2017 I was 310 lbs. I was always exhausted, sore, tired, lethargic, and generally just disappointed in my lack of energy and

After I finished developing Conquering Keto for myself, I realized that
I had something that could help others like me. Full time parents, full time employees, that shop at the same grocery stores everyone else does.

With this, my mission was clear. I had to put my system into a concise, comprehensive package that anybody can use.

Now I’m working to put that system into the hands of as many people as possible.




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How does Conquering
Keto work?

I show you how to keep eating all of the foods that you want to eat & see results
at the same time.
Every food that you want to eat, has a keto counterpart. The trick is, adjusting the
foods so that they’re ketogenic.

I’ve adjusted 101 different meals from Pizza and Burgers to French Fries & brownies.

What I’ve Done.

  • I’ve created 101 recipes that you can make all with ingredients at your
    local grocery store (no exceptions)
  • I Break down what causes Keto Flu, and how to avoid it.
  • I show you what I did to put my body into a state of fat burning ketogenesis.

Rule #1

  • Nobody is going to stay Keto, if they don’t enjoy Keto.
  • I show you how to enjoy ketogenic food so you can love what you eat,
    and get results at the same time.

How does Conquering
Keto work?

The Conquering Keto menu is 101 DELICIOUS dishes that I created, tested,
re-created & retested.

Have you ever taken a half hour or more to wade through dozens of
advertisements on a website, just to get a recipe, only to waste your time because it doesn’t come out anything like the picture?

Every meal and dish in Conquering Keto, is food that I prepared dozens of times, and meticulously documented, recreating it until it was perfect.

  • American dishes,
  • Mexican inspired dishes,
  • Asian inspired dishes
  • European, Italian & French inspired dishes.
  • Original ketogenic entre’s and deserts.

Each section contains breakfast, entre’s, snacks, sides, and essential condiments. 101 in all !

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For a single payment of $15,you will get the immediate
access the Conquering Keto System

Get your copy of Conquering Keto today!

This rate of $15.00 is an introductory price during the launch to provide exposure for this new brand and company.

  • No Memberships required, or reoccurring fees.

  • The book is yours permanently.

  • For community support, and to ask questions, please visit us on Facebook & Instagram.

  • The YouTube channel is on its way, but it’s currently under construction.


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